About NHRD


The National HRD Network is the leading association of professionals committed to promoting the HRD movement in the country and enhancing the capability of human resource professionals in order to enable them to make an impactful contribution to enhancing competitiveness and creating value for society. Towards this end, National HRD Network is committed to the development of human resources through education, training, research and experience sharing. The network is managed by HR professionals in an honorary capacity, stemming from their interest in contributing to the HR profession.

In the early 1980s, HR professionals from enterprises such as Larsen and Turbo, Bank of Baroda, TVS Group, Steel Authority of India and academicians form IIM Ahmedabad and XLRI Jamshedpur came together to lend their collective support to enhancing the quality of HR professionals in the country. This led to the formation of the National HRD Network in 1985. Signatories to the MOA included Dr. T V Rao, Fr. E Abraham, Dr. K K Verma, Dr. Anil Khandelwal, Dr. D M Pestonjee, Mr. G K Ghosh, Dr. Kakoli Saha and Mr. J K Parikh. The Network was registered as a Society and a Trust on December 6, 1986 at Ahmedabad.

We at NHRD constantly strive to:

  • Help stimulate positive forces for humanizing system and organization in national life and to enable people to contribute their best.
  • Augment knowledge and skills relevant to HRD, its philosophy, processes and implementation, through exploration and experimentation.
  • Generate, acquire and continuously develop new knowledge and skills related to HRD through research and development.
  • Build a rigorous, scientific storehouse of knowledge and skills for HRD
  • Disseminate HRD knowledge and skills among HRD professionals and practitioners, and share information and experiences relating to HRD
  • Strengthen the HRD movement in the country by:
    • Drawing the attention of chief executives of different organizations, agencies and Government departments to HRD philosophy and processes and their benefits; and
    • Assisting organisations and agencies in designing and implementing HRD systems, evaluating the impact of HRD systems and processes, and feeing back the results for Improvement.
  • Break new ground for the HRD movement in terms of coverage of different human systems and organizations based on national needs as well as innovative approaches and technologies.
  • Develop and maintain standards of professional excellence in HRD
  • Act as a clearing house for all referrals related to HRD activities in the country

NHRDN functions through its chapters all over the country. Currently, there are about 30 chapters, which together have over 12,500 members. The National Executive Board coordinates the overall efforts of the Network and the chapters conduct various events and initiatives at the local level.

To know more about National HRD, Its Objectives, Philosophy and benefits to the member, visit www.nationalhrd.org

NHRD Hyderabad Chapter

The Leading NHRD Chapter in the country today; was formally inaugurated by Dr T V Rao on 6th December, 1986 at SBI Staff College with Shri V N Kantharao as the First President.

NHRDN Hyderabad Chapter is a pioneering institution in organizing conferences, workshops, and seminars over the years.

The First International Conference was helt at Hyderabad with the active involvement of HR professionals. There were 300 delegates including 12 from Canada, Japan, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand and USA.

Hyderabad chapter is one among the largest chapters in the country. The chapter is known for its high value programs and learning services to HR professionals.